What is an HOA Inspection?

What is an HOA Inspection?

An HOA inspection reviews the condition of the association and focuses on three areas:

  • Preventative Maintenance – inspecting and recommending the repair or replacement of common components, such as light bulbs, fasteners, fencing, etc.
  • Facility Maintenance– identifying issues in structure and function on buildings and amenities (i.e. shingles, gutters, pool, clubhouse, etc.).
  • Assisting the Committee in inspecting for non- compliance with association rules and regulations, such as parking or home   aesthetic violations.

An HOA inspection is a thorough examination of the overall property and is an important part of an HOA maintenance activity. Common areas are scrutinized to certify that they are in proper condition. The exterior of dwellings, apartments and individual homes is also checked to guarantee that it meets the standards set by the community. 

Are Inspections Required?

A few states require regular site inspections by law. For HOAs in states with no legal requirement, it is recommended to perform an inspection at least every three to five years. However, this is left to the discretion of the HOA board. Needed frequency may also depend on variables such as extreme weather conditions, the age of the association, and major projects or renovations within the association.

Having frequent HOA inspections helps identify potential maintenance issues. It also helps prevent hazards. This makes the HOA a safer place to live in, where residents can enjoy the premises without worry..

Board members have the option of conducting their own inspection. Many choose instead to budget for a third-party independent service provider. J&G Inspection Services works closely with the board and/or the association manager to conduct regular, thorough inspections and make recommendations.

If done properly and in a timely manner, an inspection can save you even more in costs associated with potential lawsuits or significant repairs due to neglect.




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