Types of Commercial Inspections

We evaluate whether a building needs immediate repairs and any short-term repairs that could be done within two years.

We also estimate the remaining life of systems like HVAC and electrical. With our inspections, we want to discover if there are any flaws in the building’s design and find out if the property has been well maintained. We also make sure the building meets all standards and codes.

All inspections include a detailed narrative report and photographic documentation of any problems. These details are valuable for investors and property owners alike. If you are purchasing a building or a property owner, you’ll want to know its condition for long-term planning or to use as leverage in negotiations when buying or selling the property.

We provide commercial inspections for the following:


Whether you have a large factory complex or a small warehouse, our highly trained inspection team understands all aspects of industrial building and what’s required to keep them up to building codes and standards. 


From hospitals to schools, we make sure your property is structurally sound and all of its mechanical systems are functioning correctly. If you are in need of a commercial inspection


With all the growth in the area, you see new apartment complexes going up daily. To make certain those properties are safe for new residents, we have the expertise to check for any construction deficiencies such as poorly installed materials. 


If you are looking to lease or buy office space and want to know if there are problems like roof leaks or if the electrical system can support your business’s operations


There are plenty of retail spaces you’ll want to make sure your space is up to code or may be in need of repairs. Find out what we can do for you with an inspection request.


We’ve inspected a variety of commercial properties including sports facilities and churches. You want to make sure those properties are safe and secure for guests visiting the facilities and that all equipment is working properly. A commercial inspection will ensure that.




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